Noosa regional gallery 2018

Held in May/June 2018, this exhibition was heavily influenced by my travels and work in Central Australia. I cannot imagine going there and NOT being affected by what I did and what I saw and experienced. Each work has its own rationale, description, its purpose for being. Michael's opening speech below sums up the exhibition.

"Miles’ work is created with a lightness of touch. The source material for his work is often found – materials that have had a life in the landscape prior to Miles stumbling upon them. As such, they are charged and loaded with their own stories, weighty with their own meaning. Rusted cans – boundary posts – fencing wire – broken drive chains. These items are brought together – assembled and juxtaposed – their surfaces altered or added to just enough to draw out a potential reading which Miles has himself discovered as opposed to imposed.

These works are often about division. We are asked to think about fences. Do they serve to keep in or keep out? And what or who are they corralling? What right do these boundary makers have to demarcate the land and say what is yours and what is mine? How arbitrary are these markings anyway, when time slowly alters landscapes – erodes possessions – makes fence posts slant and fall?

Miles’ work draws heavily on his experiences travelling and working in remote Indigenous art centres. I would like to note that reference to these experiences and interactions are carried out with a delicacy and respect that can often be misplaced when visitors seek to engage with Aboriginal Australia. It is another lightness of touch that Miles carries through his work."  Michael Brennan, Director, Noosa Regional Gallery, opening speech.

Thank you to Sarah of Your Life Photography for photos of Bush Tucker, Gallery views, Circles. Thanks to Syndicate Creative for the premises for the other photos.